complete streets for new orleans - sign on as a business, church, or community group

The New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition is a group of organizations, businesses, churches, schools, and civic organizations working together to improve local streets in order to provide safe transportation options for better health, equity, sustainability, prosperity, and quality-of-life for the people of New Orleans. If your organization is interested in attending monthly meetings as a Member of the Coalition - click here.

Sign on to grow the movement for safe and accessible walking, biking, and transit infrastructure in New Orleans by endorsing the statement below and filling out the form as an authorized representative of your neighborhood association, business, house of worship, or local non-profit organization. Send any questions to [email protected].

We, the undersigned organizations, businesses, community groups and associations, strongly support the creation of 'Complete Streets' across New Orleans, streets designed to provide safe, accessible, convenient, and sustainable mobility options for all people - whether driving, walking, biking, using a wheelchair, or riding transit.

Complete Streets means better walking with high-visibility crosswalks, modernized signalization for the hearing and sight-impaired, and new and repaired sidewalks. Complete Streets means better biking with physically-protected bike lanes on busy streets, traffic-calmed neighborhood streets, and safe crossings on bridges and at overpasses. Complete Streets means better transit with added bus shelters, ADA accessible ramps, and dedicated travel lanes. Complete Streets also means better driving with less traffic created when more people have options for getting around and more safety when everyone on the road knows where to be on the road. Complete Streets means stormwater management providing our region with the means to live better with the water that surrounds us.

Improving biking, walking, and transit infrastructure benefits all New Orleanians - including residents who primarily drive - by increasing roadway safety for everyone, reducing traffic congestion and parking demand by providing alternative transportation options, encouraging increased economic activity at neighborhood businesses, building equitable access to opportunity and jobs, enhancing public health, and contributing to overall quality-of-life for New Orleans.

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